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Fake Me ! Real Reflections...

Shivanand Shagoti
Acrylic on Canvas 36 X 72 Inches Contemporary
They say - “The toughest job of this world is of a barman”. This is because he has to deal with people with different mentalities, genders, economic positions, psychological considerations, and so on, both sober and drunk. I want to re-create this scene through my painting so that these emotions of joy, sorrow, nostalgia, friendship, excitement, indifference, and so on are put together in a single frame. People often come to bar to unwind and have an escape from their stressful life. Along with their usual favorite drinks, some of them will have their usual friend circle with whom they like to share how their day passed, their relationship stories, work woes etc. Some others are solo-drinkers who like to have a quiet 'me time' in the bar without any disturbances to reflect on their personal and/or professional lives. There are even other kinds of people who like to have temporary drink buddies with random people where the friendship lasts one-time only. These scenarios give a clear impression on people's thinking, their mentality and in some cases, their narrow mindedness. The bar tenders have to juggle between their responsibilities and keeping these people with diverse psychologies, happy even if some drunkard abuses him with foul language. This same thing can be compared to our lives too. Our mind is like a bar tender managing different things simultaneously. In many situations, our mind has to go through difficult times and unpleasant moments. But still, the show must go on. Hence, it is really a challenge to maintain one's composure during testing times just like a bar tender. The clear contrast between the customers' dressing and the bar tenders' is evident here. The customer has black and white dress which indicates that he has come here with an expectation of adding something colourful to his life. In contrast, the bar tender's dress is colourful which gives an impression of providing service which is exciting and stimulating.
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