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1. How do I join FORM as an artist or as a buyer?
You just register online, accept the terms and conditions and become a registered user of the website. 

2. Why should I as an artist join the FORM?  
You should join as you get the opportunity to be noticed by the top collectors and top curators. Join us as we are not for profit with the sole aim to promote younger artists. We want you to be reasonable, we want more collectors to buy your work. The frequent online shows and the gallery shows will get you exposure at no cost and also the marketing strength of will make sure that you have the chance of being noticed by major galleries and collectors. 

3. What is the best format for me to upload work to my account? 
Please stick to following guidelines, to upload your image, for better performance, and ensure an error free upload: 

i) Use JPG, JPEG or PNG format. 
ii) Use maximum 300 DPI. 
iii) Use image size less than 3 MB 

4. How to check the size of the images of an Artist’s artwork? 
Step 1. Click the right button of the mouse on the images of your artwork. 
Step 2. Click on “Properties” 
Step 3. Check all details. 

We request to all artists use less than 3 MB image size of their artwork for our site. If the size of your artwork images is more than 3 MB then please compress the same using different image processing tools. 

5. How can an artist reduce the size of the images of his artworks? 
An image can be compressed using any good image processing tools like PhotoShop, Microsoft Office Picture Manager, etc. Microsoft Office Picture Manager is available with MS Office. Please follow following steps to compress an image using MS Office Picture Manager: 

Step 1. Click the right button of your mouse on the art image. 
Step 2. Select Microsoft Office Picture Manager or go to “choose program” and select Microsoft Office Picture Manager.
Step 3. You will get an option on top “Edit pictures”, click on it. 
Step 4. Click on resize (right side of the screen). 
Step 5. Select “percentage of the original width X height” from the same area. 
Step 6. Reduce the percentage (%), try reducing 40-50%. 
Step 7. Save the image 

Please follow above procedure again to further reduce the size of your images. 

6. How can an artist register on FORM?
If you are an artist then please follow these steps for registration- 

Step 1. Type on 
Step 2. Click on “register now”, on the top right-hand side  
Step 3. Fill up the registration form. Insert your personal details e.g. first name, last name, e-mail address, password, date of birth etc. Artists are requested to fill all those sections mandatorily where star mark (*) is given. Your e-mail address will be your user name. 
Step 4. Artists are requested to read the terms and conditions carefully before participating with the FORM. 
Step 5. Check all the required fields have been filled up and click on “submit”. 
Step 6. If you have registered successfully then my dashboard page will appear where you need to submit a few other details. 
Step 7. Go to the option for editing account information and fill up your profile information, including your screen name and your photograph. This information will appear on the front page as your profile and buyers will be able to view this information. All artists are requested to upload their photograph without using special character (e.g. *, /, - , +, %, _, @, #, $, ^ etc.). Therefore, please check the file name of your photograph before uploading the same to the FORM. 
Step 8. Save your account information. 
Step 9. Again Dashboard will appear. There are a few other options i.e. Address Book, My Orders and Newsletter Subscriptions. You may submit other details by editing those options. 

7. What is the procedure for signing in the FORM?
If you are registered follow these steps, else please register first  

Step 1. Just go to the home page of 
Step 2. Click on “sign-in” (Top right side of the home page)  
Step 3. The login page will appear. Write down your e-mail address and password and click on “log in”, you will be logged in successfully into 

8. How you can get a new password if you forgot your actual password? 
Step 1. If you are already a member of FORM and forgot your password then just click on the option “Forgot your Password?” 
Step 2. A new page will appear where you can see a blank space for your e-mail address. Please enter your email address and click on submit, we'll send you a new password to your e-mail address. 

9. How can an artist upload his works on the FORM? 
Step 1. Without registration, nobody can display the works. All artists are requested to register at before uploading their works. 
Step 2. If you are already a member of the FORM, then just go to the home page and sign in. 
Step 3. Please click on “My Arts”. 
Step 4. When the “My Arts” page appears, just click on the option “Submit Art Works”.  
Step 5. A new page will appear where you need to write down the details regarding your art. Record the title, length (inch), breadth (inch), colour, tag, kind of work/medium, description ( maximum 300 characters) and Price (Rs) of your art.  
Step 6. After recording you should upload the image of your art. To upload the image click on browse and select the file (maximum 300 dpi). All artists are requested to upload their artwork images without using special character (e.g. *, /, - , +, %, _, @, #, $, ^ etc.). Therefore, please check the file name of your artwork before uploading the same to our site.  
Step 7. Now click on the submit button and your artwork would be uploaded successfully. 
Step 8. If you want to upload another image the go-to “Submit Art Works” and follow the same procedure as mentioned above but you can insert a maximum of 5 images at a time. We do not allow more than 5 images at the time so that we can display works from many artists and storage space is limited. 

10. How can I update my uploaded arts in the FORM?  
Step 1. Go to our site  
Step 2. Click on “sign-in” (Top right side of the home page) 
Step 3: Click the “My Arts” Link on the Dashboard  
Step 4. To modify the details of your art go to the option “My Arts” and click the edit option. 

If any artist is unable to upload his or her art images then please contact us through e-mail and send your work. We will upload your art images. Our e-mail address is Please note that this process may take up to 10 days, so it is better for you to read the instructions carefully and upload the images. 

11. What does it cost to join and maintain my account? 
Your account is free and there are no user costs associated with the maintenance of your account on the website. Your images will expire at the end of 120 days so we can allow more users to have benefits of the marketing strengths of our website. At the end of 120 days, if you still want your works to be displayed online, then load new works. 

12. What are the rules for selling art online? 
We believe we are always in a learning stage in life, also people with no formal training in arts can also upload their works as art is always from the heart. Please read the Terms and Conditions so that you are fully aware before you upload the works. 

13. Is FORM limited to India ?
No, FORM deals with both sellers and buyers that are based in various countries. We believe that an international audience adds to the character of our website. Due to customs rules and regulations, we are currently only shipping in India. If you are an artist based internationally then we recommend that you write to us at and if you are an International buyer, then reach out to us at this email address and we will try and manage.  

14. Who is responsible for the shipping of artwork, and how does the overall shipping process work?  
Collectors: FORM will ship the work, free of cost within India in a roll. Due to Covid 19 restrictions, the shipping can be delayed.

International Collectors: Shipping cost will be applicable as per actual.

Artist: Once informed about the sale, the artist is responsible to send the artwork to the FORM gallery in New Delhi in good condition.

15. What is FORM return policy? 
FORM allows buyers to return merchandise themselves within 2 days of delivery for a full refund in case the goods are damaged. And share an image of the damaged good on mail  

16. Is there a limit to how many pieces of work an artist can display on the website?
Yes, an artist can display a maximum of 5 works so that more artists can be given the opportunity to sell art. Each piece of work listed by a seller has to meet all criteria with information in order to be viewed for sale on the website. All works are displayed free of cost for 120 days and then they expire so the website always has fresh content. 

17. What can I expect from FORM? 
You can expect authentic art shipped directly from the artist’s studios. Prices which are regulated and checked by the advisory board, art which appeals to star curators and collectors who help you choose and the best in service. Support the Arts by buying an authentic work of art today. Artists get the best marketing support for their works, price transparency and payments on time with self respect. 

18. How are prices determined for each piece of artwork?  
FORM allows each artist to determine the price to sell their work. However, prices should start at Rs 1,000 and not exceed Rs 2,00,000. Our Advisory board will reject any work if it feels that the artist is pricing it too high. We would like artists to be conservative with pricing, we are not here to make money but to encourage more people to buy art and hence do not have an interest in high prices. 

19. What types of art/mediums does FORM accept?  
FORM accepts multiple types of mediums: works on paper, painting, photo, print, sculpture, mixed media and even installations.  

20. What kind of commission does FORM take? takes a 40% commission fee on each piece of work sold which includes website charges, marketing charges, shipping fees and administrative charges. 

21. Is there a tax on the artworks bought?  
Yes, there is a 12% GST on the final price of the artwork which will be added to the final invoice. This tax is payable to the government.

22. Will I get my artwork stretched and framed? 
We do not stretch or frame the artworks and deliver them as a roll, unstretched and unframed works are safer to move.

If you like us to frame the artwork and then ship it, there will be an additional cost depending on the size of the artwork and quality of frame used, the cost of which needs to be borne by the buyer. FORM will not be able to take the responsibility in case there is any damage during the movement as stretched and framed works are more prone to damage.

23. International payment and delivery?
An International client has to pay in international currency (according to the delivery address) only then the work will be shipped to the particular country.