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A place to pour all of me -III

Anni Kumari
Acrylic on Canvas 60 X 60 Inches Abstract
Who are you? Where are you from? In an attempt to find the most suitable answers to these two fundamental questions, I record observations that hold imprints about our subtle connections with geography and how that re-defines our perception of ‘who we are’. While it may seem that we live in a globalized world of hyper-connectivity, I do think that it is the physical geography that holds the key to our rootedness. Anything that happens within this ‘one particular’ place moves us deeply. As people continue to ‘pour in and out’ of places, their presence and absences lead to a complex, interconnected, matrix that is always in-flux. The act of pouring symbolizes both emptying out and filling in. I reiterate these interactions of people migrating, immigrating, and being displaced through dots, lines, circles, and curves that converge and diffuse in time.
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