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Yin-Yang: The State of Flux and Beyond (Edition 4 of 8)

Divyendu Anand
Liquid Metal Coating over Composite of Stone, Glass and Polyester Resin 24 X 26 Inches Sculptures
The ancient Chinese symbol of Yin-Yang is a wonderful symbolization of the continuously-influx nature of the Universe – an embodiment of dualism and cycles. However, I feel that the Universe is not so much a binary mode of dark-light, pain-pleasure, failure-success, hot-cold and so on. Rather I find it to be a continuous flow of energy, or vibrations taking in its extreme forms the seemingly binary state. To me the Universe appears to be in a never-ending systaltic motion, all of it made of the same rudimental material. This is what I attempt to illustrate in my work titled Yin Yang- The State of Flux and beyond. While within each of us we find the expressions of the cyclic, ever-in-flux, vibrational duality, in my view we are not forever destined to be constrained and bound. The freedom from the entanglement is possible, if only we are able to slip through the gap. The sculpture symbolizes this gap by the cavity which also seems to be the origin and destination of the never-ending flow. I find this representation of the Universe far more optimistic and prejudice-free. Hence a much more joyful expression of the Universe.
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