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Leaves-The Mystical Link (Edition 4 of 8)

Divyendu Anand
Liquid Metal Coating over Composite of Stone, Glass and Polyester Resin 20 X 32 Inches Sculptures
Leaves-The Mystical Link (Ed: 4/8) The world of flora has always fascinated me since childhood. Be it their form, texture, colour, smell, everything seems to be so enchanting and intoxicating. I cannot help but admire the plants and trees and feel a deep sense of connection with them. Often, I used to wonder about the mysterious artist behind the natural creations and the reason why these were ever brought into being. Growing up, my quest, along with the experiences in the inner world, helped me connect the dots of the mysterious universe. One of the profound realisations has been that everything has come from an unknown source, something beyond the perception of our senses. Our life is nothing but a journey to know that ‘unknown’. The question is, can we ever perceive that? This quest to know the unknown, forms the very basis of most of my creative endeavours. The artwork ‘Leaves- the mystical link’ is an experiment, an attempt, to trace the link between finite and infinite, through the world of forms. The outcome is something mystical which seamlessly bridges the gap between ephemeral and eternal. The artwork also reflects the idea of connectedness and oneness that had been part of ancient spiritual traditions. I love the way leaves burst into joyful waves and then gradually transforms into the supra-mundane world. The supra-mundane world is nothing but the labyrinth of my mind where I want to get absorbed deeper into an unknown realm of tranquility and beatitude. Do you want to go there with me?
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