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The Universal Spiral (1/1)

Divyendu Anand
Sculpture 11.5 X 20 Inches Contemporary
In this sculpture "The Universal Spiral", I have tried to depict the amazing structural uniformity found in the Universe. “As above so below, as within so without” - this adage found in the ancient civilisations of the Indian subcontinent, the Greek and the Egyptian points to the observation that the spiralling and revolving movement found at the atomic level (electrons and neutrons), to the planetary level (planets and satellites), to the galactic level (stellar systems revolving the central black-hole) and up to eventually the inter galactic movements wherein the galaxies perhaps revolve around the central nucleus on the Universe. Here, I am attempting to illustrate that this kind of spiral / revolving movement around a nucleus is of a universal form, from the micro-cosmic to the macro-cosmic.
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