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Volcanic Phoenix

Akshay Makhija
Acrylic on Canvas 31.5 X 31.5 Inches Abstract
Please consider the video as the art form: Volcanic Phoenix - Adrenal Art series, painted at Mt. Batur Volcano in Bali weeks before the eruptions. Acrylic on volcanic dust that is a layer on the canvas. Akizard paints while riding a dirt bike at a volcano, as documented by two wonderful souls that assisted the project. He paints by slicing open paint filled balloons with a sword, before continuing with a broom and pouring from a cup. Adrenal Art is a radical, adrenaline pumping art spectacle. It comes to life by Akizard infusing his zest for exploring new art processes, calling for adventure and desire to inspire.​ The purpose? To inspire people to believe in bringing their wildest dreams into reality, by showing that truly anything is possible if you believe in your vision. The canvas has a layer of volcanic dust, crushed from molten rocks and stuck onto the canvas. The volcanic dust resembles the old way of life. A volcanic eruption resembles a re-love-ution, portrayed by slicing the paint out of the balloons. An eruption clears the way for lives to be transformed from the old into the new, from reality into dreams and from a spiritually asleep species to an awakened one. At the time, the artist was transitioning from being managing a yoga school on a tropical island to leaving the paradisaical island to manifest his dream to paint while skydiving, at volcanoes and other adrenaline pumping situations. The purpose is to create something that is actually unique and never seen before. To catalyze a pause within the viewer's mind, to conceive that what they're seeing is possible. This is in order to inspire, to inspire dreams, to inspire people to break free of the mold they grew up in and to spread their wings and taste the beauty of life.
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