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Vision - Rainbow Warrior Series

Akshay Makhija
Mixed Media 10.63 X 10.63 Inches Contemporary
Please view the process video here: Mix Media on Canvas, completed with acrylic paints via a stencil while parasailing. Vision - Rainbow Warrior Series Adrenal Art by Akizard Adrenal Art is a process driven style of art, where Akizard paints during various adrenaline pumping situations. The purpose is to inspire people to color and dream out of the box. The Rainbow Warrior series is created while parasailing over the serene oceans. The Rainbow Warriors are a native American prophecy - that when the rivers are drying up and animals dying, a new tribe of people will form. People from different lands, cultures, castes and creeds, coming together to make the Earth green once again. They will be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow. Akizard personifies this series, to spread the message of oneness and unity. The Earth is not owned by us, but borrowed by us from our grandchildren, thus it makes sense for all of us to unite and take care of our one true home.
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