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Elon Tesla

Akshay Makhija
Mixed Media on Canvas 10.63 X 10.63 Inches Contemporary
Please consider the video as equal to the art piece: Elon Tesla - Rainbow Warrior series Finishing touches of acrylic paint added to canvas while parasailing with the assistance of stencils. The Rainbow Warrior series personified an American Indian prophecy that speaks of a tribe that forms from across borders, cultures, languages and castes to come together to make the Earth green again. Elon Tesla symbolizes the visionary, humanitarian scientists. One that is focused on assisting the whole species evolve through their intelligent applications as well as a communion with spirit. In a world where everyone is chasing dollar bills, it takes a special heart to think of our fellow brothers and sisters and how to make the world a better place for them to live in. The Earth isn't ours, it is borrowed from our grand children. Thus it makes sense for us to come together and make our home more habitable and sustainable. Elon Musk has undertaken various projects for this, just as Nikola Tesla had in the years gone by.
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