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Shailesh Chavda
Digital Print on Canvas 72 X 48 Inches Contemporary
My practice includes representations and instances of my journey so far,they are autobiographical. With that matter i use industrial materials and depict industrialized labour life. My latest work (a tiffin box) tells how a labour goes to work with the tiffin,but for the tiffin. The2/3 containers show how much food is enough for them to fill their stomach and survive. Just later,when i visited studio SPACE,i felt my works could be best placed here with the industrial environment,also after getting shortlisted for the residency programme,i gathered more ideas and proposed few things. The plan was to reconstruct the 4 cylindrical tanks outside,which i see as huge tiffin boxes. Their already set cylindrical structure sets as a basic form ,which only required some metal working,to construct them wholely as tiffin boxes. The huge tiffin boxes in such a industrial space does both , glorifies a labourer's hardwork and subtly adress the industry also. The labourers carry a nominal size box ,but with this huge size of the work i want to tell the importance of a tiffin for such people.(its hidden importance and the importance of doing everything for living and surviving) My works are also an emition of my time growing up as an adult, which i had spent in industries to earn wages. The tiffin has a very simple design,representing the certain class of people, i see them huge and the of importance of labourers beneath the several layers of society and urbanization. For circumstances, i couldnt approach practically working with the structures(tanks),so i produced a digital representation...atleast to preserve my thoughts and ideas for future refrences and documentations.
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