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Roots-The Quest for Identity (Edition 4/8)

Divyendu Anand
Sculpture 18 X 42 Inches Contemporary
Our identity defines us as individual or group and provides a purpose for meaningful existence. It is purely psychological and based on self-esteem. Due to the wave like nature of this expressed world, the identity creates dichotomy between the inner and outer worlds. While it provides an emotional security, it also causes rift in the external world, thus derailing the stability and inner peace. This contradiction is at the root of all the problems, in the individual as well as collective lives. Exploitation, conflicts, war, environmental crisis etc. are the consequence of consolidating and protecting our identities, thus pushing our existence itself to the brink. The sculpture, “Roots - The search for identity”, is my way of analyzing and synthesizing the knotty subject of identity. The tree is used as a metaphor of any individual/group. The visible portion above the soil forms the physical identity like appearance, financial status etc. The roots represent the concealed identity that is purely based on certain idea or a belief system. Like the stability of the tree depends upon the depth of its roots. Similarly, the stability of any individual/group depends upon the depth of their belief system. Undoubtedly, connecting or clinging to something temporal will easily shake the foundation of our existence. So, only an idea that is boundless can quench the thirst of human mind and provide stability and peace in individual as well as collective lives. In order to comprehend that boundless in the world of forms, in this artwork, I have attempted to establish the link between finite and infinite. I love the way, though unintentionally; the roots morph into the shape of a seed, which led me to the profound idea that everything has emanated from the Cosmic Seed, the Pure Being. And that Pure Being has metamorphosed itself into the tree of life, concealing itself in our existential ‘I’ feeling. So, how deep is your root?
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