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Cosmic Rhythm

Romicon Revola
Sculpture 31 X 22 Inches

22" x 31" x 2" | Cosmic Rhythm | Painted Aluminum & Stainless Steel | 2024

Meticulously arranged in mandala-inspired patterns, the butterflies embody the cyclical nature of existence and the pursuit of inner harmony. I would like my viewers to contemplate the beauty and fragility of nature, the ingenuity of human creation, and the possibility of a future where both can thrive in balance.

The reflective butterflies, akin to existential mirrors, invite viewers to think of their own metamorphoses and the ever-changing reflections of their lives. While the dynamic play of light and colour echoes the complexities of the human experience, each butterfly represents a moment, a choice or a fleeting emotion, collectively forming a visual symphony that resonates with the essence of existence.

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