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Maya at Dawn

Romicon Revola
Fibreglass Stainless Steel 14 X 21 X 12 Inches

Maya at Dawn reminds us that we are one with our environment, inseparable from it. When we take the time to connect deeply with nature it helps us get in touch with our higher selves and expand our consciousness. By aligning ourselves with the energy of nature we can fully embody the best of all worlds.

Scientifically, butterflies are considered as bio-indicators of the health of an eco-system. They are highly sensitive creatures and react immediately to even subtle changes in the environment and they are often the first ones to leave if a particular habitat becomes unsustainable.

Metaphorically, they are open to various interpretations, the most significant being a symbol of complete transformation. The butterfly’s metamorphosis is a timeless analogy for personal transformation which is often filled with painful phases. Change is inevitable and often unwelcome but ultimately, it is a worthwhile journey that makes us grow and this kind of growth usually tends to elevate us to a higher realm of consciousness.

The shades of blue are reminiscent of the sky and the oceans; the glittering butterflies reflect the energy of the sun while also casting our own reflections on their mirrored surfaces. The movement of their wings connotes wind and air, while the closed eyes imbue the works with a meditative character.

SS & FRP. 21" x 14" x 12" 

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