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You are a reflection of me

Sneha Mittal
Mixed Media on Paper 34 X 118.11 Inches Contemporary
The process of stamping being in the form of repetition gives time for my thoughts to be cleared out and concentrate on myself. I used blue Indian ink for stamping this symbol, which helped me find a variety of tones in my work. The use of color blue made me feel closer to the ocean water, giving the feel of depth and serenity. The difference in tones of the color and the repetition of the same symbol printed over and over again takes a form of illusion, which creates movement in a two-dimensional flat surface and also talks about the difference experienced in monotony. The use of rice paper for stamping these symbols made me explore deeper into the variety of prints, it has a fragile and sensitive quality making it relaxing and light to look at. Due to the lightweight of paper, it responds to the wind and creates slight movement and reacts in a natural way, to its surroundings. As my stamp is in a circular pattern, I removed the negative spacing left between each circle giving it an effect of depth, and space for the work to reflect. In this work, the process of making becomes much more important than the finished work itself. The time provided and the silence and calmness achieved through simplicity and minimal use of gestures give the audience a feeling of relaxation and slowness. It in that sense is not just a work of art but space where they can calm down and talk to their own selves.
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