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Sneha Mittal
Others 22 X 22 Inches Contemporary
This work reveals the hidden practice of repetition, which is involved in the process of worshiping and meditation. The inspiration for working with the shape of a circle came from the form of auspicious mandalas, which are considered to be a metaphysical or symbolic representation of the universe. They are symbolically significant in showing the mind and body balance in the context of life to infinity. The round shape of the work looks like a ‘bindu’, which is a dot around which the mandala is based. Women following Hinduism and Jainism wear it on their foreheads, as it is believed to be a point from where creation begins. Through this project, I worked with the terms serenity, peace, and purity using the color white for making my symbol. Repetition is a form of meditation itself; I repeated the word Om through a unique technique of connecting the symbol together in a sculptural layout using acrylic paint. The process of writing this word became meditative for me, which I followed ritualistically. The visuals of the work are meditative too, as they grasp the focus of the audience towards the center serving the original purpose of Om, that is focus and concentration. Although the work only consists of repeating one symbol of Om, it takes time for the viewer to figure out what it actually is, often mistaking it for a pattern. When the work is looked at standing from afar, it seems like white circular shape explaining point as focus, and as it is viewed closely, the small symbols of Om are revealed. The word Om, sacred to Hinduism and Buddhism, originated from holy Indian scriptures, although now it is widely known and accepted by the western people as well. Through this work, I understood the importance of repetition in nature and noticed how most of the spiritual practices include repetition, and that’s what made the process of drawing lines repeatedly in my art practice, meditative too. The act of doing something, again and again, can help in solidifying connections in the brain, which are used to memorize, eventually improving the thinking ability. 
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