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Sneha Mittal
Mixed Media on Canvas 32 X 72 Inches Contemporary
Sitting in front of water I thought to myself, what causes thoughts to flow, emotions to surrender, divine to be leaned in front of, segregate into self, introspect the idea of ephemeral, the sustainability of nature, the appendix cycle of linear paths turning into circles, the areas of vast lands, flowing and following water, the essence of purity, scents of sublime, the brightness of divinely light and themes of living in the egocentric world of rights and wrongs. I found my sacred space in the form of ocean water, intrigued by how water manages to make me think, reflect and introspect, I would like to dig deeper into studying the physical and metaphysical properties of water and how in combination they send me to a meditative state of trance. Living next to the ocean, waves of the water became my inspiration, and I started drawing lines in motion that resembled the same emotion I experienced at the beach. Making those lines repeatedly was meditative for me. The repetitive act of drawing lines provided me with a sacred space where I negate all other thoughts and focus on attaining reflection. It became a meditative process through, which I started observing the self. This process of repeating lines became a source of experiencing the water of the beach without physically being present there.
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