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Pankaj Sharma
Mixed Media on Paper 8 X 30 Inches Contemporary
In here the above work I tried to gather together the experiences that I had when putting together an archive of images around my hospital visits.. The poor people who mainly happened to be patient visiting Govt. hospital have to wait for long periods of time. In that period of time their pain increases more. One associates physical pain with sick or wounded people but the consequences of being sick on mental state go unnoticed. I made some watercolour sketches of people waiting at hospitals and under them I added parts of the conversations I had with them which revealed their worries apart from their immediate physical pain. Like having to bear the cost of treatment, travel and also of being alone and away from their families. The watercolour drawings were later juxtaposed with a set of photographs from a private hospital. I wanted to think about the wide gap between the two through my work. So I made the work in an accordion format. When it is viewed from an angle from the right, you only see the neat private hospital. But if you see it at an angle from the left, you only see patients waiting outside government hospitals without any facilities around them.
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