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Time travel

Supriyo Manna
Others 36 X 30 Inches Contemporary
The abolition of Jamindari or Feudal system in Bengal bought the dark era of the architectures that Jaminders used to use. The landlords Lost their power and property overnight. So they started abandoning their ancestral houses as they were not able to maintain those gigantic structures. Most of their family members started migrating towards the city for occupation. The mammoth architectures were left behind alone mostly. My observation of the ruined Jamindari building took me to deeper research on the history of these structures. The new members of those building are not able to restore it. But some of them are force to live there by partially restoring the structure. My work ‘Time travel’ depicts the outcome of an amateur and ugly restoration of that specific architecture. The use of translucent blueprint paper to make the Old and existing part of the house shows the insecurity of the structure. The process i used to make this paper structure is stitching with human hair which again talks about the mortality of the architecture and the history.
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