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The Sea of Spirituality

Pratik Malpure
Acrylic on Canvas 24 X 36 Inches Abstract
The journey of travelling higher and higher left a space unexplored within our own life source. More than 94% of the world’s oceans remain uncharted, their mysteries and obscurities hidden from us all. Science has taken us farther in a hundred years than Religion has in centuries. But we have much farther to go, both scientifically and spiritually. The sphere of our vast knowledge is limited to our small surroundings. The waterscape depicts a sea of undiscovered scientific wonders lying below spiritual land owned by man. The shades of blue and dark depict two serene oceans or skies, one on top of another. Schools of fishes, swimming through the depths of unknown and flocks of humans praying in the temple above, worshipping the unknown. A thin surface separating these two very similar but quite contrasting worlds. I present a waterscape to leave you mesmerized of the undiscovered.
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