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the faces i see - untitled no. 12

Dwijen Joshi
Acrylic on Canvas 54 X 54 Inches Figurative
Those nights weren’t gloomy but fathomless and eccentric. In certain moments, I wonder whether what I saw in my dreams were out of the blue or profoundly connected with my subconscious. This painting is part of a series named “The faces I see”. Though the painting seems to be associated with some religious perspectives, it isn’t. It is not at all concerned with any religion, caste, creed, sex or race. As the wind was steadily blowing towards him while ceaselessly caressing his whiskers and covering half of his face with his dense hair, the man just stood there, without moving, without losing his essence. Perhaps not surprisingly, he was unbothered and determined to be unshakeable. He seemed steadier than the wildest of the wind. His third eye that is slightly open, doesn’t necessarily represent anger, it is more about the state of subconscious awareness. I was left wide-awake in this dream of mine where I saw this exceptional entity who looked at me straight in the eye as if he was waiting for me to talk. It seemed like he knew me since I knew my identity. So, here he was, maybe to seek answers to the questions I was afraid to confront myself. In that moment, I was intimidated!
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