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The Emperor - Limited Edition of 10

Pracheta Banerjee
Digital 22.5 X 30 Inches Figurative
I really enjoyed painting this particular piece, I especially love recreating an oil painterly feel to my digital artworks, I paid attention to even the most minute of details, especially on the painting on the background, I used varying brush strokes to create the effect of scratches and water drips on the painting, a technique that I hadn't used before. The Emperor is the Father archetype of the Tarot, he is the crowned monarch that sits upon a large stone throne, with four rams’ heads which symbolize the planet Mars & his connection with Aries. In his right hand, he holds a form of the Crux ansata for his sceptre & in his left is the globe. He wears a suit of armor which suggests that he is not vulnerable & is well protected from all threats, this may be emotional or physical. He is wise and experienced and an authority figure who is commanding & rules over the world. The Mountain ranges & the river in the background is indicative of his nature, he is resistant to change unless required, however deep down, he is sensitive & requires trust to be able to open up.
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