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Parnika Mittal
Acrylic on Canvas 39 X 70 Inches Abstract
Always drawn to abstraction as a mode of expression and communication, I strive to investigate self-identity, sensation and tranquility. I aim to investigate these elements to an extent so distorted that they no longer resemble recognizable obvious shapes, therefore forming non-representational abstract patterns and textures. This kind of artwork has a strong negative connotation, as most people are used to existing in linear and structural environments. My artwork explores the themes knitted close to my heart and subconscious mind. The keywords essential to my practice which assist me in evolving my work are instability, risk, life situations, uncertainty, fluctuation and to “intend the unintentional”. Human emotions inspire me the most, with the struggles of growing up constituting as one of the principal motifs in my work. This abstract illustration has been inspired by a rare psychological condition called “synesthesia”. With the use of contrasting pigments, I have tried to demonstrate the visual experiences of sensory overload due to over stimulation faced by a synesthete. The phenomenon derives its name from Greek and means "to perceive together”. Some synesthetes hear, smell, taste or feel pain in color. The flow of colors in this art work gimmicks the most common form of synesthesia, which is colored hearing: sounds, music or voices seen as colors. I imagined these to be the colours a synesthete would see, when listening to an upbeat song.
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