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Breeding Passion

Parnika Mittal
Acrylic on Canvas 15 X 40 Inches Abstract
My artwork explores the themes knitted close to my heart and subconscious mind. The keywords essential to my practice which assist me in evolving my work are instability, risk, life situations, uncertainty, fluctuation and to “intend the unintentional”. Human emotions inspire me the most, with the struggles of growing up constituting as one of the principal motifs in my work. On the journey into adulthood, the world may feel as though nothing is ever permanent, as though every aspect of everyday life is bound to become somewhat of an ever-changing variable. It is a perceived lack of stability leading to a fear of abandonment. In the darkest times of despair, I like to turn my gaze inward, creating work as an outlet of some of these mystical feelings and instincts. Highlighting color and distorting shapes is as critical to my work as is the emotional response that comes with it. Personally driven by pain and passion, attracted and motivated by rejection my canvases begin life as a lavish, almost extravagant kaleidoscopic rough and textured surfaces, blurring grounds between painting and sculpture .
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