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I felt it slowly going away but I want it to stay

Naphisabiang Khongwir
Others 22.8 X 17.4 Inches Contemporary
The set of works are watercolour paintings on glass of parts of plants and the human body, where each piece consists of three to four layers of glass. This is an attempt to explore the idea of temporality and fragility of life through the changing forms of plants and the placement of pressed and dried plant parts with the represented human body parts allows for the reading of the two and their relation. For the composition with flowers and leaves, each one is painted on separate surfaces of glass, where they exist as independent entities and they do not meet, but when placed one on top of the other, they become one; a property of glass that allows for such interaction. Similarly, the composition of the human body parts with dried plants is an examination of the relation between the two. The human parts here are also painted in a manner where the tones for the skin, such as red, blue and yellow are painted on separate surfaces of glass and the complete image of the body with this intermingling of the non-touching colours are seen only when the glasses are placed one on top of the other. The dried copper pod leaf with its falling parts is placed in the vicinity of the back of the human body, where the spine is supposed to be present; the cherry blossom is placed in the middle of the chest next to the breast; the apta leaf is placed in the sole of the feet; the Tecoma stans is placed in the hand.
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