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Parnika Mittal
Acrylic on Canvas 39 X 75 Inches Abstract
“Chaos was the law of nature; order was the dream of man." Following Henry Adams' train of thought, chaos is the natural state of it all, with humans continuously striving for order in their lives. One's everyday routines, one’s decisions and virtues, if seen from this perspective, can all be identified as the expression and the results of the search for consistency amidst chaos. Order, therefore, seems something we all strive for in order to cope in our lives; a state that renders possible life and progress. Chaos, in contrast, seems undesirable. As an artist, I personally continually find myself engulfed in chaos in my day-to-day life, much to the confirmation of Adams' statement. However, I have found it to be a great source of artistic inspiration at the same time. What is more is that it has played a pivotal role in helping me identify and develop my personal style as an artist. Some of the skills critical to my practice, such as my artistic acuity, I attribute to perceptions drawn from pieces of art that, in fact, celebrate this very chaos.
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This is a recent work which is an interpretation of my take on the human mind. A human mind often operates under extremes. Just like the nature, a human mind has always been profusely dynamic too. It switches from love to hatred and so does the nature. By combining colors from the extremes of the nature, I have depicted the dynamics of the fickle mind. The colors on the show movement and lack of stability.