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your body or mine

Gauri sharma
Mixed Media on Canvas 2.2 X 2 Inches Contemporary
We are programmed to tell each other we’re not fat because for too many people fats are the worst thing you can be. Society has turned fat into a synonym for ugly, but fat just means fat. Like when I say I am fat I happen to use this word as a self-descriptor. And I don’t say it to put myself down. And certainly don’t say it in hopes someone will say “oh no, you’re not fat” but most of the time people say in a manner so that they can put me down. I create my artworks to express my inner feelings so in this installation I aim to detach the body and women from ‘cover girl’ perfection and the usual stereotypes and find the beauty of the person who lies beneath the skin, not the judged surface appearance. So my artwork is all about body shaming. I truly think that inside of an individual is much more complex and layered so I am presenting the internal beauty and complexity as a surface treatment. The concept of “your body or mine”? is inspired by ‘PERFECT BODY’ ideologies and expectations of the female body placed on women in society both historically and in the present day. My work is a constant reminder to myself that I am not ugly because I am fat but the perception of the society is ugly that makes me feel like that. so in context to the this, I made these two panels that present that even in my nap I can't get rid of the thought that should I need to look in a certain way because my peers want me to be and of course how can avoid all those remarks which I face on daily bases. so I connected all the memories or the glimpse of my life together with a thread.
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