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Barun Kashyap
Oil / Acrylic on Paper 12 X 16 Inches Contemporary
.Title: Xenophobia Medium: Acrylic on paper Size:11.5x14.5in There’s a man. Everyone hates him. Stranger, to his hood, name or number I've been told to hate him too. There’s a man, Everyone's told to hate. The preachers, the haters, the mob The father, the child and humanity robbed. There’s a man, Everyone's looking for Unaware of his sin, crime or fault A man, who has not hurt one before. The doors are locked The gates are watched There’s a man, Everyone’s scared of. Blaming the portent, for our past failures Selling paintings and buying guns Libraries turned to morgues Galleries of modern art, echoing wails of the lost ones. There’s a man. His face changes As words of the dictator, And the prophet calls him, a traitor. There’s a man. They say, he's approaching To doom us all There’s man. And Everyone wants to kill him now.
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