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Violence & Us I

Shilpi Agarwal
Serigraphs 12 X 10 Inches Figurative
My ideation begins with social observation that serves as several drawings and writings. My everyday engagements both at personal and social level allow the possibilities of my work. I am interested in paradoxical presence of multiple bodies, which are monitored through- various Institutions, processes, systems and structures. Even how the dualism is important to understand the term policing, controlling and limitations for certain bodies. My practice is not about immediate problems but to look at larger historical context in political, social and conceptual connotations. Relationship of communities, role of practiced language, food habits, ideologies, and other day to day behavioral change plays crucial role to imposed power both within and outside community. How to look at the term Aggression and Violence? Does one body is commodity for consumption for other? The question of body and its representation goes through various shifts of different structures and socio-cultural discourses. Even the idea is to trace invisible and act of lived and imposed experiences of cultured body where one is worshiped and other is objectified, what are the criteria that influence both like in larger context ?
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