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Saranya S
Mixed Media on Paper 72 X 34 Inches Figurative
Reaching the wounds, Inquest the humanity The expressions of suffered body and its pain, weird and ugly phase of our lives .If I keep digging into self some difficult phases of life are more memorable. Those experiences of various levels of trauma became my area of concern. It is one way of searching reason of an inner sob. I feel body and skin as a battle field .Which is gone through different levels of diseases and changes both physically and mentally. They keep reacting with each other’s change. But the skin reflects its reality. A piece of skin or body may represent the interactions it has gone through. I choose the body and its variations as tool to evoke the experience of absurdity. As from a Christian family, I am looking this absurdity of pain through that window. The Christianity has such a relationship with body and its pain. The heavenly figures are wounded. For them, every hope is built upon flesh and blood. I was also influenced with the relics, which is embedded with pain. As a protagonist the reality and hope are diverging. Interactions with different materials like paper, cloth and leather, some added and deleted textures make it feel more towards body in suffering and post suffering. A piece of peeled skin can be represented by pasted cloth (For me thing from A to Z can be used for making textures). But some objects can directly/indirectly make a conversation with rest of the images. My images are so fragmented. I think the juxtaposing of abstract and identifiable images and objects are capable of an inner play. As the fragments together gives the freedom for viewer to make the whole picture. The horizontal and vertical display and the placing of eye levels may say more loudly about body in different states. Relics are so mysterious, denotes existence, decay, divinity of somebody. So my leather objects are somehow relics. I am preserving it and make some selection of objects like bone, felt and teeth. The current work including zoomed body parts, found objects which lays in a shadow of Christianity. It’s a searching of how reality of pain became contradictorily pleasurable and hopeful. I want show more evidently the sublimity of pain. The earlier works also had body as a device. It had some connection with the Christian imageries. But, more in a direct way. The process of interaction with material mostly makes development to works.
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