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Ishwari Manolikar
Acrylic on Canvas 48 X 48 Inches Abstract
Women are known for their graceful demeanour and their strong character. The way to her heart is through her family. Women are the ones who strike a balance between personal and professional lives, be it an agricultural labour or a corporate entrepreneur. Her priority is always her family in any situation.A woman always tries to keep her family United and sacrifices throughout her life for her family to bring the warmth in the relationship so that house in which she lives be a HOME .My paintings consists of squares , rectangle, different types of lines to form shape of buildings and stitches. Square, rectangle represents stability, solidity, community, integrity and directions. It represents four main directions ; north, east, south, west, it symbolise the four main seasons winter, spring, summer and fall. Forms of buildings represent every individual home. Every home has it's own identity/ personality. Even if we are of same or different community/ religion. Every home has it's own ethics, own personality. I have used different types of lines in my paintings to represent the shape of the building and it's own identity. Every line represents different meaning. Lines are the most basic of all the elements of any form/painting. Lines tell a story and give a painting it's personality. Lines lead your eye around the composition and can communicate information through their character. Vertical lines suggest spirituality, rising beyond human reach towards the heaven. Horizontal lines suggest a feeling of rest and also help give a sense of space. Diagonal lines convey a feeling of movement and motion. These different types of lines gives meaning to different home. I use stitches in my paintings to represent unity, Harmony , solidarity and peace.
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