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Adarsh Palandi
Mixed Media 15 X 13 Inches Contemporary
As I relate my work with my own inner thoughts through my experiences of social life, from the image of human being, the society are indirectly connected somewhere with someone or something, which might be from the reality or unconscious too. Sometimes I couldn't give it a definition in the form of words but somehow it is connected with my thoughts, so it invites the viewers to move into a space and explore through it in which I provided. I depict that at present in human race most of us are giving importance to the luxurious lifestyle and fashionable upbringings which might not necessary for us to live. Human beings are ignoring what they see with their naked eyes and this supports the harsh reality and because of that we are losing focus from the reality of the basic need of life structure.Though every human being are putting aside their mind, thoughts and forward thinking which is necessary for the society. With the help of my representational work I want to tell the society to stop letting these things ignored and support what is good for mankind.
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