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Trojan Woman

Dhakshini Jeganathan
Acrylic on Canvas 36 X 36 Inches Abstract
This work is inspired by the play 'Trojan Women' by Euripides. In the play the women of Troy are taken as slaves and treated very badly by the Greek soldiers after Greece takes over Troy. My painting captures the blackness and emptiness of their sorrow and the morbid post war mood. In this painting there are two men and a woman merging with the blackness. There is a king on the right, a loyal soldier on the left and an abstract woman in the center who is caught between them. The woman in the center, has a tilted head and has blackness as her face with only black lips as a visible facial feature. Her face further merges with the dominating blackness in the center of the painting. The woman represents the state of all the Trojan women who were taken as slaves by the Greeks after Troy lost the war to the Greeks. Their fates were decided by Greek men and many of them were abused by these men. The King and the loyal Greek soldier represent the men who governed their fate.
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