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The Three Legged Man

Dhakshini Jeganathan
Others 84 X 72 Inches Abstract
Medium: Acrylic on canvas and wood. This piece is about an imaginary character I created called 'the 3 legged man'. This one art work contains two pieces. It has one still version, a painting on canvas board and one moving version, a moving painting I made in wood. Moving painting is an art style and idea I came up with as I visualized my abstract works moving. My character The Three Legged Man, lives in two different worlds at the same time. He has three legs and three hands. One hand takes the form of a bird that yearns to fly but cannot as it is only a hand. The other two hands are connected to another character, a young girl who moves whenever these two hands are moved. The audience can interact with this moving painting and make the character move anyway they want. They can even dance with this character.
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