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The Temporary Context in Constant Viewing

Balaji Ponna
Oil on Canvas 54 X 54 Inches Contemporary
The work is about archiving history and the present in one frame. The cupboard can be seen as standing for a frame, a structure which holds many things. There are books, memorabilia, statues and even real places like the house, a cemetry etc. They might have been placed over there in accordance of the person who collected/put them together. They are not neccessarily things which are interconnected, they are sometimes poles apart. The narratives which are built are only through viewing in totality or singularity of the objects or the experience of viewing itself. The narratives can be altered: rearranged or even additions can be made, for there is enough space to accomodate. The cupboard is also placed in the open land, whether it belongs to one and all.
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