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The Seized Muse 2

Ankita Daulatabadkar
Prints on Paper 11.5 X 13.5 Inches Figurative
THE SEIZED MUSE My practice draws from my daily life whatever I see and experience governs a subject. Travelling, change in life, shift of space and use of materials, create memories within. Such memories blend together with thoughts that become the part of my work. All these memories and Incidences in life creates a form that leaves an impression on us. They can be either in form of lesson through object, silence, dream, or any person who is around. Such objects, materials, people, stay long and become valuable to us and all such valuable things or memories are expressed throw my artwork. I work with those objects that created a narrative drama of what I experience, understand and think. These thoughts are experienced and they govern my subject. Such experiences leave a memory behind that strikes back later on. These elements become valuable for me. And they stay for longer period with us. Such memories create an impression in life. A series of Valuables that relate to the elements or objects in my life. These objects are valuable to me and precious. So, termed as Valuables. The time they came in contact with me that year also strikes, hence, the first thought that came was the form of coin. The series of "Valuables” is a work where my valuable objects are added, that has left an impression or memories in life. The year I came in contact with those objects are been embossed there. The experience of such objects makes their own place in our life, making it more valuable.
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