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The Party

Rohan Anvekar
Oil on Canvas 60 X 50 Inches Contemporary
The party The painting is an antithetical visual showcasing a “ party” of animals feeding upon humans, taking the role of suppressing the other as opposed to what we see in society today. Humans are the only species who selfishly exploit resources to fit their requirements. All other living beings are a part of nature’s cycle whereas humans are never in support of this cycle. They don’t support nature and Slaughter is a defining behavior of our species. We kill all other creatures simultaneously leading to our own deprivation. I try to visualize this situation in an inverse perspective thinking what if the other living behaves like us? How could it be otherwise? How it would have been if our life was a business for them. What if any person were to think about being chased and then shot to death for another's meal. Or we would get produced to get eaten by them. We are entering a major crossroad in human history. Here I have shown Party, the exact portrayal of what if nature switch’s places with us . Instead of a destructive, violent relationship with nature, we need to understand what our limits are. We need to connect - deeply and intimately - with nature.
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