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Sagar Naik Mule
Mixed Media 26 X 26.5 Inches Contemporary
My works deal with the changing culture and its politics in relation with the nature and landscape of the society, since from my childhood till now, with change in behavior of the Goan society towards its culture and traditions. Born and raised in Ponda -Goa, it has visually influenced me with many rituals which have been followed by my grandmother and my mother’s generation. I always loved my childhood as most of the others, the visual traditions as in usage of eco- friendly methods and materials like cow dung for laminating floors and walls to keep away the insects, the drawings of traditional activities made of lime and natural red oxide on the walls and floors, But, as the time ran up with development of technology, the manual mechanism and the traditions are vanishing day by day. I live in the contemporary world the digitalization, internet and social media have affected drastically over us. By overtaking the human body behavior of meeting, talking, playing and many other activities by texting, online meetings, video calls, and online gaming, basically it’s living virtually instead of reality. These all issues have inspired me to get back to the old traditional practices through my artworks. My work talks about the change in socio-political landscape and depicting my self-portrait as a narrator. I am currently working on such issues through my artworks. I have built my own art studio using traditional materials and methods in Ponda- Goa. I intend to explore more in this area and express through painting, sculpture, installations and performing.
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