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The Cutter (Set of 3)

Puspen Roy
Acrylic on Canvas 30 X 10 Inches Contemporary
The Cutter My artworks take a critical view of social, environmental, political and cultural issues. Today’s society is very much speedy, dynamics, bright, enlightened and technologically improved although brutality, jealousy, rape, sexual abasement in it. We are very busy so we forget about our social responsibilities. Simultaneously we also had broken the backbone of our environment. Megacities throughout the developing world are experiencing tremendous environmental crisis. I feel over all alarming situation of our society. There are much concrete, constructions, bridges, smokes, carbon everywhere. My heart mourn for Missing Greens, Endangered Insects, Bird & Animals, Dead whales in the seashore , death of birds & animals, Suffering mankind…... Unborn babies have to born in a world which is full of Carbon. We change our landscape into instrumental- scape. We all are fighting each other… We don’t belief each other. Even we don’t think about our next generation. We are busy to acquire all the greens…….. No one can sleep without anxiety…. This Universalize Diagram of our society appears in my work consciously or unconsciously by my own stylization. Being a global digital human being my recent works reflected these global issues. The gradual development of daily life lifts up in the work. Puspen Roy
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