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Silent Prayer

Smriti Pandey
Acrylic on Canvas 24 X 36 Inches Mythological
This acrylic on canvas creation depicts a women devotee with folded hands praying to Shiva Lingam. The term ' Shiva Lingam" describes one of the form of forms of Shiva,the Hindu god of destruction and transformation. The Lingam is an abstract representation of the Hindu Deity,Shiva, used for worship in temples. The Lingam is seen as a symbol of energy and potential of Shiva himself. Shiva above all is responsible for change . He causes both death and destruction and more benignly the elimination of ego and false identification with form . The women represents the silent devotee of this supreme power who has submerged her ego and immersed herself in the devotion of this supreme power. Her folded hands represent her complete submission . This is my original artwork. Size of the painting is 24 inches x 36 inches Orientation is Vertical
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