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Vathsalya S
Acrylic on Canvas 24 X 20 Inches Abstract
"Silence speaks a thousand words." Silence hanging in the air is awkward for few and they will just say anything to fill the quiet and cut the tension, but finding comfort in silence- it's golden. There's beauty in silence if you embrace it all. It is important to embrace the quite moments to develop a level of ease with one another. It just means you are comfortable enough to be yourselves and relax. When you've built your own level of comfort together, everything around you seems to melt, the time and universe melts away into bliss where you are at your most peaceful state of mind and heart for your souls to connect. This painting is a contemporary abstract painting which refers to the present world and depicts a bond between two people and their emotions. It shows two people holding colourful lollipops where one is savouring the lollipop in silence(or is silent because he is eating) while the other is just silent even if she is not seen eating(which shows she can have a conversation while the other listens at that moment but chose to remain silent) -showing the silence between the two of them and how they are calm and content at the moment not worrying about anything but still there with each other.. The moon melting depicts the world around them fading out with time. The rainbow is their emotions and mood at the moment which is simple bliss and happiness in little things that they enjoy at the moment. The rainbow cloud coming outside the window is immense happiness and a sense freedom felt beyond measure. It is a simple painting with deeper meanings of its own as we keep searching for more seeing from within.
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