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Dust storm- The transformation.

Vathsalya S
Acrylic on Canvas 24 X 30 Inches Contemporary
The midway process... The part where you're no longer a caterpillar and not yet a butterfly. With every sunset as time flies, the cool breeze strikes the cocoon while it still hangs on to the twig, radiating the strongest calm vibes to the outside world; while on the inside there's a silent scream so loud not heard to the outside world. A feeling where you do not know who you are or where you're headed to, all you know is that every fiber and nerve in your being is calling for growth, for transformation. So surrender, breakdown it's not the end of you. It's only a new beginning- your rebirth! Just like the cocoons life these are your growing pains unseen to the outside world. This is the part nobody talks about, but these are your growing pains... Embrace it all while you find yourself and grow into the best version and break through it all flapping your beautiful wings. The universe is inside of you, radiate the best positive vibes and create a better world of your own to live in and inspire. About the painting: This painting is a mix media art where I've used acrylic paints and resin with opaque pigments to create glossy textures and Galaxy art. The main center character is that of a human half face bare with skull and bones and the other half is the skin with a colourful butterfly wings to indicate the cocoon concept explained above. The time clock indicates everyone's living life restricting to timelines and time space defined by someone else by latching it to their brain rather than letting a whole universe of thoughts to free flow and succeed in their own timeline. The Galaxy is to show universe and that there is eternal and we shouldn't let our lives be defined by time. The Galaxy is surrounded by an outer fire layer that indicates all the struggles and pain with the orange- red texture. While the swan is symbol of peace, love, hope and loyalty that lives inside us which shows that you can be gentle at heart but still be rock solid on the outside you can embody both the sides and face your fears and be determined to get what you want. Live a life where time counts your moments and not where you count time before you live a moment while it can hardly last. where the memories, goals achieved, obstacles you've overcome all of them are recorded in your timeline rather than letting time overtake your life becoming a slave.. don't surrender to time and get tricked into counting numbers while the clock is ticking... Get out there and just do it! This contemporary art is a concept to help face fear overcome depression and be confident to get to your goals, show self love and bloom from within.
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