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Searching of Self

Rajashree Nayak
Prints on Paper 20 X 19.5 Inches Figurative
‘Searching of self’ speaks about the layers of emotions that we are hiding or uncovering. The messy clothes lying all around the floor and some are well hanged in a wardrobe, represents the feelings and the situations of life. Some were well organized and some were not. It’s a chaotic situation. Clothes are like the layers of emotion on our true self denoting how we act in each situation. But there is always an inner conflict between how we act upon and what our true self strives. We keep on changing the roles and emotions according to the demand of the situations. No matter how many layers of emotion or to say clothes are uncovered, there is still left a true self, engulfed in temporal masses alluring to be touched. The ‘searching of self’ continues. The inner reflections and observation of our thought and emotions opens new vistas to venture. It’s about pushing the limit of our own thought, our own way of seeing life, our own way of expressing. Observing the true colours and emotions in certainty, without judging them is the discovery of the self.
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