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Transport (Set of 8)

Sayani Chakraborty
Prints on Paper Each 4 X 4 Inches

My works are related to the lives and conditions of the commuters. Commutation is
an integral part of social life of numerous people. It is related to not only a journey from
one point to the other but rather than a journey that connotes the social and economic aspect
of a person. I try to locate these conditions in my work. There are multiple layers of
understanding for this phenomenon of commutation that needs to be looked at. There is
an anecdotal and experiential character that I try to embody in my works as the images
comes out of my own personal journeys and experiences of commutation. Therefore,
my works define their reasons and purposes of travelling. Commuters come from
different walks of life, from different classes of the society; vendors, laborers,
government officers, students, teachers and so on. They can sometimes be easily
identified by their physical appearances-clothes, skin tone, physical built and other such
elements. Furthermore, in some of my works I use different types of motifs to represent
the class of the commuter and also by the way of dressing. Almost all my works are
narrative composition which shows a scene full of activities.

 I am just trying to narrate their lives throughout my works.

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