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rangrez 6

Dnyaneshwar Randhai
Mixed Media 18 X 42 Inches Contemporary
Chakras contribute to our being. Our instincts work together with our feelings and emotions. The colours of the chakra resemble spectrum of colours on a rainbow. The Sanskrit word ' Chakras ' literally translates to the wheel of energy. They are like the little power houses in our body, which enhances the energy equilibrium and help an individual attain concentrated focus and clarity. We are surrounded by various forms of nature such as the material nature, the Mother Nature, the transcendental nature and so on. We dwell in this realm of nature. An artist takes inspiration from nature to create the artwork. As a textile artist; the patterns, colours, forms and the space play a pivotal role in the expression of the chakras. My process of creating an artwork is a spiritual journey. To depict this journey seven colours and their tonal values are enhanced to the form of “Lotus”. Lotus is an auspicious motif. The process of tie and dye takes the artwork to a different realm creating an aesthetic beauty. I have expressed the forms aesthetically in various mediums such as the batik, tie-n-dye and serigraphy. I have also experimented with the thoughts consciously and unconsciously in the same manner, as an artist indulges with a canvas, however here the fabric is used as pattern surface. Artwork itself is the part of the concept.
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