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Ram Sita

Naga Sai
Acrylic on Canvas 24 X 40 Inches Figurative
When there was nothing existed, the man made a subject called ‘God’ to share his emotions. Many ancient cultures around the world believed that god lives above the sky and he is shapeless. They looked at the unleashed nothingness as immortal. Then after they started looking god in everything that helps their survival. Fire, sun, water, earth, rocks, mountains and everything in nature turned as god for them. Humans started drawing idols from their imagination, sculpted their deities. They have created many stories for the gods, and their actions as a super spirit. Created a story for every ornament, weapon, garment they draw. They have differentiated their immortals as per their powers and ethnicity. The tribes has treated the humans as demons who do not follow their rules and traditions. No wonder, they have also created demons in their scriptures. Eventually, humans were able to recognize the gods based on their dress code. That dress code is inspirational for my paintings. My god is what I have created — he is my toy and he has his own story.
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