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Holy Bull of Shiva

Purnendu Mandal
Acrylic on Canvas 60 X 42 Inches

Latest work presented by a well-known contemporary artist, Purnendu Mandal in acrylic and oil colours on canvas exemplifies subtle nuances of the religious and spiritual fervour associated with sacredness of Bull in apt perspectives of visual arts. It illustrates his unique style of expression and command over the medium and technique used to aesthetically and artistically adorn the work with the relevant hues of piety, sacredness and religious sentiments of apt icons and motifs adopted artistically in order to enhance the visual perimeters and dimensions of the creative endeavours under one title viz Holy Bull of Shiva in order to illustrate the sanctity and relevance of multifaceted iconic motifs and hues used in the work so as to awaken and acquaint all with the desired eternal, divine and spiritual perspectives of the creation in his unique style and skilful technique.

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  • It depicts the silent and tranquil face of the bull with the religious environment of sanctity and spiritual atmosphere present at Benaras and other places of religious relevance and omnipresence of the apt fervour there. He has artistically depicted the background there in semi abstract style using apt colour patterns and shown the holy bull at the front being draped with the sacred iconic motifs like bells, trident and Omkar naad emanating from the tranquillity and serene environment in the temple surroundings. Also, small motifs of spirituality such as sitting nandi, temples, bells, and holy river banks etc. prevalent at Benaras, Haridwar, Rishikesh etc. have been shown. The silent divine and resilient mood of the bull shown in the work is spectacular and very much in tune with the desired visual effect of spirituality in the relevant strategic arenas and perspectives.