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Pichwai I

Pushkar Lohar
Mineral and Fabric Colours on Cloth 34 X 62 Inches Mythological
The Pushti Marg or Path of Grace was founded by Vallabhacharya, one of the six main acharyas of the Bhakti tradition in India, at the turn of the 16th century. Unlike many other religious sects, the Pushti Marg does not advocate asceticism as a path to enlightenment, believing instead that the true spiritual goal is achieved through personal devotion and surrender to Krishna in the midst of worldly pursuits and pleasures. Due to its philosophical belief of monism, or Shuddhadvaitam, the Pushti Marg maintains that all existence is derived from a single Supreme Power and that all living beings carry its essence within them. The soul's awareness of its oneness with the Almighty, then, comes only through God's grace (pushti) and the revelation of Himself in His divine play (lila) – the path to which lies in the adoration of Krishna (bhakti). This adoration is particularly centered around Shrinathji – the youthful manifestation of Krishna, who Vallabacharya believed to be the most complete incarnation of Vishnu. Thus, the childhood sports (lilas) of Krishna among his cowherd friends on the banks of the Yamuna, is believed to be the most potent and divine play of the Lord, allowing devotees to partake in the highest degree of divine bliss.
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