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Origin of Arms

Anandakrishnan SK
Mixed Media 95 X 95 Inches Contemporary
This work depicts the compass in a map using the juxtaposition of human arms (meaning hand) mutated into ‘arms’ (meaning weapons) she/he invented to destroy others with artifacts such as mud pot and boat he used to conduct journeys of communication, trade, migrations and eventually invasions and colonization. Written texts are also included along with the painted images in this work. The usage of the two meanings of the same word ‘arm’ is significant in this work. Human ‘arm’ makes the ‘arm’ (weapon) functions. The collaboration of these two arms performs violence throughout the human history. Even though the image is a portrayal of the compass rose in maps and nautical charts the composition of the work traces back to the image of crucifixion in European paintings. Unlike crucifixion the image portrayed in this work is violent in itself as the fingers pointed towards the letter E (East in a compass) and W (West in a compass) are portrayed as gun and sword respectively. This work invites viewers to delve in to the various histories of human violence in the making and unmaking of her/his homeland, by reading between the images, words and the materials used.
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