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OCD of Symmetry

Priyamvada Thakur
Acrylic on Canvas 17 X 24 Inches Contemporary
OCD of Symmetry embodies the feeling of having perfectionism or just right OCD. The paint on canvas personifies why the ones who have perfectionism repeat their rituals until they feel it is perfect. The art is an actual depiction of the state of the mind of a person with OCD of symmetry and hence, geometrically pixelated. The shades paint depth and epitomize “just right” OCD. One can trace the beginning of anxiety and guilt while trailing perfectionism. Perfectionism draws your mind while you feel scattered and it pushes you through the flecks of right and wrong. Why would putting that block in place would feel right? Why would walking through a doorway would feel right at that moment? Skipping steps to jumping tiles because all of that feels - just right!
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