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Priyamvada Thakur
Acrylic on Canvas 18 X 24 Inches Contemporary
Companionship is a manifestation of today’s truth that glares boldly into our eyes and encompasses the entirety of the change. Coming back home from work to a 15inch laptop screen watching the leftover(s) from the other day at the comfort of our homes has become the new palpable interest. Netflix and chill sounds better than going out and meeting a few real-life companions and discussing old habits, stories and laughing by the sea. Ordering companionship online is in vogue. For hours, we may laugh, cry and lie in our own arms trying to find the comfort we would suitably find in someone else’s arms. The routine to go out and meet & greet is overtaken and typified by staying home and chilling in the companionship of online media.
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